Manufactured by COIMA USA


The COIMA UPD Series modular baghouse dust collector is constructed of sturdy galvanized sheet steel, and is well-suited for outdoor installations. This collector is ideal for the filtration of medium-fine dust particles, and comes equipped with the following features:

  • Settling Chamber with baffles to prevent dust and chips from hitting the filter bags, increasing filter life.
  • Pneumatic Pulse-Jet Cleaning System with a programmable control unit that automatically manages the filter cleaning using pressure differential measurements to maximize efficiency and reduce overall compressed air consumption.
  • Waste Material Hopper for the collection of dust and waste material, discharged with a motorized screw conveyor and rotary air lock valve. Includes viewing windows and electronic bin level indicators as process safety measures.
  • Access ladder, roof platform with airtight filter access doors fitted with gas springs for easy access to the upper level of the baghouse for maintenance and filter changes.
  • Atex-rated explosion vent panels and an integral fire extinguishment system with water sprinklers.

The UPD Series is suitable for operation in both positive and negative pressure applications, and can be customized to fit many configurations to meet your specific dust collection needs. This system is ideal for collecting dust from multiple suction lines. Multiple fan implementations can maximize system efficiency using a VFD controller on the primary fan and an integral multi-fan control system.

Available models with capacity from 9,000 to 225,000+ CFM. Larger units available upon request.


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