Cast Iron Adjustable Flange Units

Manufactured by KML


KML Bearing USA Cast Iron Mounted Bearing Units are manufactured to KML specifications in ISO9001 and TS-16949 certified facilities. KML Mounted Bearing Unit housings are made from high strength cast iron. The housings are designed with solid base construction and reinforced bolt hole areas. KML Mounted Bearing Unit product line is available in many different housing styles with various attachment methods and positions.

The insert bearings’ inner ring, outer ring and balls are produced using vacuum degassed 52100 bearing steel. These components are heat treat hardened to produce a durable wear surface on the balls and ball tracks. KML uses cold rolled steel for ball retainers and shields.

The insert bearing features a labyrinth sealing system that is comprised of a metal backed nitrile rubber excluder seal that is designed to keep grease in and contaminants out. The seal is protected by steel flinger installed in front of the seal contact surface with the inner ring. This flinger, due to centrifugal force during bearing rotation, effectively slings moisture and contaminants away from the seal area. The seal is designed to allow used grease to purge past the seal into the channel between the seal and the flinger when new lubricant is carefully replenished.

All KML Mounted Bearing Units are factory lubricated using Chevron SRI#2 grease with about 30-40% grease fill.


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